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Nina Helene Hirten (aka DEROSNEC)

Los Angeles, CA

The one-woman multimedia art making machine

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The one-woman multimedia art making machine

DEROSNEC is the multimedia audiovisual project of Nina Helene Hirten.

Visually, DEROSNEC is a filmmaker and illustrator. Her passion for storytelling has inspired shorts, movies, and graphic novels as well as standalone pieces of drawn or painted images. She has created everything from animated shorts, to documentary vignettes, to music videos.

Musically, DEROSNEC is a singer, performer, and composer. With her unusually low voice and wide operatic vocal range, she makes music that pulls from all genres of the musical world to create a moody, personal, and fresh sound. Her lyrics range from politics and philosophy to her own experience and feelings, and are unusually straightforward while being simultaneously laced with double meanings and word play.

She works closely with the band Model M and has sung with bands such as Everson Poe and I Am Mandrake.

DEROSNEC currently lives in Hollywood, California.